EAN: 5056413304377

Release Date: 20 July 2020

Performing Artist, Composer: H. Umut Asil

Cover Design by Cem Önder

Recorded Live at Asil Art Academy, February 2019, ANKARA, TURKEY

Record Engineered, Mixed, Mastered & Produced by M.Emin Halitligil

Dear Friends, In 2019, with my dear friend Mehmet Emin Halitligil, we have recorded the music I played on that beautiful Yamaha of the Asil Art Academy… This album, Breath is born out of those recordings. Breath album is comprised of my improvisations and compositions. The melodies that surfaced themselves throughout the years out of my compositions, and especially out of the Candle Concert series’ improvisations, breathed their lives into this album. I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to all of my friends who have been by my side at all stages of these recordings: to my producer Mehmet Emin Halitligil and Cem Önder who designed the album cover; to my one and only love and wife Didem who constantly encouraged and supported me; to the apples of my eyes, my beautiful daughters Öykü and Doğa; to Murat Asil, Çiğdem Asil, Serhat Ayhan, Savaş Dayı, Alp Rodoplu, Hakan Güvengiz, Kadir Yiğit Us, İrem Petek Balkanlı and Alev Örsel Karaca who contributed to this album with their valuable comments in its pre-release stage; and to my mother Burçin Asil, my father Eriş Asil and my uncle Mehmet Metin Altuğ… If even one of the above mentioned persons were not to exist, this album would not have been here, breathing and alive. And thus, here it is, for your delectation.

H.Umut Asil

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